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Witty Wipe Feet Here Doormat With Biden's Face Sells Out

(DHG) — Reports have shown that a doormat with Biden's face on it has been going absolutely VIRAL on social media.

After Biden's disastrous pull out from Aghanistan, a small patriotic business reported a surge in orders of their new "Wipe Feet here Doormat", leading them to sell out on their first lot of stock.
Owner Tyler W was quite surprised to see such a support for his doormat:

"We never expected it to sell this well! People sure don't like Biden.

I've always thought of him as a doormat of a president, absolutely useless to America!

"We severely underestimated demand but have now restocked"

Locally printed in American facilities, each doormat is designed to last and would be absolutely perfect in front of any door.

It's a witty item that patriots are snagging up like hot cakes, and is in extreme high demand after Biden's recent blunders - people are now waking up to how terrible he is as a president.

Lucky for you they may just be some stock left in their second lot of stock..

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