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Gut-Busting Biden “I Did That” Sticker Spreading At Local Gas Pumps

(DHG) — With gas surging past $3 a gallon in some states, patriots are outraged at skyrocketing gas prices.

Some patriots have turned to dissipating their anger by pasting these hilarious biden "I Did That Stickers" on gas pumps.

One individual posted a short video on social media, showing how he found a gas pump with a sticker on.
Sold by a small patriotic brand called UnitedPatriot, Conservatives are snagging it up for its striking message.

Owner Tyler W has this to say about the sticker:

"It's outrageous, the gas prices now. We need to speak up about it!"

"The message needs to be spread - Biden is responsible for these insane gas prices"

"He's tearing America apart and we won't allow that!"

Right now the stickers are flying hot off the shelves and soon may be out of stock.

More than sticker, it's a way to stick it up to the Dems and let them know that that Biden is responsible!

Each sticker is made locally in American facilities, a purchase would not only spread the message but also help support the American economy.
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