By Tony Hill - Sunday 19 September 2021

Don't Be Like Biden: Remember Our Troops Efforts With These War Relic Lamps

'I love mine, each one is handmade from discarded battlefield items from the war'


The world saw how little Biden cared about our American troops...

Instead of paying honors to the sacrifices of our soldiers, Biden disrespectfully checked his watch 3 TIMES during the ceremony.

Don't be like him! Remember our soldiers sacrifices on a daily basis with this new hand crafted lamp, made from authentic battlefield relics. 

Celebrate Our War Victories With Authentic Battle Relics From The Battlefield

Called the "Wartorn Helmet Lamp", each one is made from discarded battlefield items:

The helmet is a German M1942 battle field helmet, recovered from Estonia...

The rustic dagger is a German K98 Bayonet that was recovered from Berlin.

All of it is welded together and connected by discovered bullets.

It's truly a collectible masterpiece!

A collectible and home decor item all in one

Not only is it a a historical symbol and collectible item, you can use it to light up your home in a unique way.

The lamp uses any standard light bulb and fits into standard outlets.

When turned on, the light will glow through the hole of the helmet, giving it a unique silhouette.

Isn't it beautiful?

Special Discount Offer 

We've partnered with UnitedPatriot, the creators of the lamp to offer a very exclusive special sale of $30 OFF to any of our readers!

If you would like to take advantage of the sale, just click on the button below and get your very own lamp before the offer expires!

Grab yours today and help remember our soldiers sacrifices.

About UnitedPatriot

We're proud to partner with UnitedPatriot as they are a patriotic brand that supports the local American economy. 

The brand utilizes local American facilities to print and ship out their items, providing wages for American citizens!

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