“Tribute To Troops” Causes Liberal Meltdown At Family Bed & Breakfast

Fort Worth, Texas - 

“I knew there was gonna be trouble as soon as I saw him”

Says Ted Walker, owner of Echo Springs Bed & Breakfast in Fort Worth, Texas.

“This liberal turned up with purple hair and a face like a pin cushion. Then to top it off, he asked to be referred to as ‘them’!”

Ted explains, “But we’re a family run B&B, we can’t afford to turn anyone away. I thought how bad can it get”

Turns out, pretty bad.

Ted tells us that after checking into his room, the guy stormed back down to the reception area.

“He starts screaming : ‘What the h*ll is that THING doing in my room?’

“I had no idea what he was talking about, then he marched me to the room and pointed at the LAMP!”

Ted tells us he bought the lamp as a tribute to the brave men and women who’ve given their lives for our freedom. 

“This liberal tells me he’s ‘offended’ by my lamp. My grandpappy was in WW2, my old man was in ‘Nam and I served over in Iraq. I ain’t gonna let any liberal tell me I can’t display a tribute to our troops. I told this guy where to stick it.” Ted chuckles.

“Then this liberal starts screaming about his Facebook followers and says he’s going to tell them to boycott the B&B.”
But it backfired, with thousands of proud Americans leaving comments of support for Ted and UnitedPatriot who make the lamp.

In fact – since the story has gone viral – patriots have been flocking to get ahold of the lamp to honour our troops and “teach the liberals a lesson”

UnitedPatriot say they’re struggling to keep the lamp in stock because demand is so high.

Sticking it to the liberals and honouring our troops? That’s something we can get behind.

UnitedPatriot has offered us an exclusive discount for our readers. But the lamps are selling out fast so act now.
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