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Patriotic Arizona Diner Owner Has 'Genius' Response To Audit Report

Phoenix, AZ - 

"We all know the audit report is a pack of lies"

Says Dee Wilson, owner of Dee's Diner in Phoenix, Arizona.

“So at first I was going to stick up a sign banning liberals from the diner. But then I had a flash of inspiration while browsing the web”

Dee chuckles and takes a sip of coffee from the mug that’s made her diner go viral.
Dee with the mug that’s sent her diner viral (Get yours here)
“I stumbled upon these ‘Joe, You Know I Won’ mugs online. The libs had been trying to shut down United Patriot, the small company that makes them. So I thought I’d show my support. And spread the TRUTH about the audit report at the same time”

The mug commemorates Trump's iconic parting words to Biden. 

After the Arizona Audit Report, Dee believes the words are more important than ever.

That’s why Dee’s replaced every single one of the mugs in her diner with ‘Joe, You Know I Won’ mugs.

The “Joe, You Know I Won” Mug (Get yours here)
She grins as she tells us about people’s reactions.

“When I serve libs coffee in the mug I can see their blood boiling. Most storm out.”

“But the patriots that come in absolutely LOVE the mugs. I get hundreds of compliments a day. I have to point everyone to the website to buy their own.”

It’s not just Dee’s Diner that’s gone viral – Since word got out about the ‘Joe, You Know I Won’ mugs, the demand for them has skyrocketed.

In fact, United Patriot has told us they’re struggling to keep the mugs in stock.

As a thanks to true patriots, they’ve offered an exclusive discount to anyone reading this today.

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