The Mug That's Spreading Across America:

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Trump!

Ever since Biden’s been elected… it's been a complete disaster!

Even the Democrats have been turning on Biden…

With those who voted for him regretting their vote…

Now, Trump supporters, are letting the Dems know that they aren't the ones to be blamed with this hilarious mug!

JOIN The Movement - Don't be Blamed!

All the amazing things that Biden has done for this country:
- Increase Gas Prices
- Let Thousands Of Immigrants Into The America
- Completely F**k Up The Economy
- Giveaway Our Military Arms To Terrorists!
- So Much More

Let the world know that YOU weren't to blame with this mug. Join the movement!

The Dem's Are FURIOUS About This Mug!

They hate how its spreading like wildfire!

The Dems are ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS that this mug even exists..

They've tried numerous times to get the website that sells the mug banned off the internet

Hilariously, the more they try, the more viral the mug goes on social media!

It seems like Republicans LOVE IT!

Limited Stock Available

Conservatives Are Snagging It Up!

Republicans are snagging up the mug by the boatload for its striking message.

They don't want to be blamed for Biden's disastrous decisions..

Join the movement now by clicking the link below
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