The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Your Patriotic Friends And Family – “I Do Not Like You Sleepy Joe” Mug!

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Published November 22, 2021 at 2:30pm
Christmas is coming and we are excited, here at Conservativens!

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, check out this hilarious “I Do Not Like You Sleepy Joe” mug:
Unsurprisingly, liberals absolutely HATE the mug, while Conservatives are snagging them up by the boatload.

The bold mug says exactly what a lot of people are thinking!

“I do not like your mental haze. 
I do not like your leftist ways. 
I do not like your son on blow. 
I do not like you sleepy Joe.”

We think it’s a great gift for any patriot because: 

A) Most people drink coffee everyday and need a mug to hold their coffee (atleast the sane ones) 

B) It’s a gift that will can actually be used every and has emotional value (Not something that will be chucked away in the corner)

C) It’ll put a huge smile on whoever receives it, and whenever they use the mug (They’ll think of you everytime they use it)
Here’s more information from the folks at United Patriots:

A must have for any republican or patriotic American, each mug is made from a premium hard coat that perfectly holds any hot or cold beverage.

- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- 11 oz volume
- High gloss + premium white finish
- Made to last for years

ORDER NOW: Whether you want it for yourself or as a gift, NOW is the time to get it!

If you’re giving them as a gift, we guarantee the Trump supporter in your life will 
smile from ear to ear when they see it!
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